Change Jobs? Multiple IRA's? Discover a new world of opportunity. With our self-directed IRA program, you are able to break the mold of traditional funds and gain access into highly sought after real estate investment options.

The IBS REICO Self-Directed Real Estate IRA Program

Historically, real estate has provided Americans with a stable investment vehicle that offers both income and appreciation. Many investors believe that their IRA investment options are limited to bank CDs, the stock market and mutual funds. Few Americans realize that one of the greatest, yet untapped tools available to them is the self-directed real estate IRA. IRA investments earn tax-deferred profits and at times, tax-free profits. Imagine having control over the taxes that you pay on your real estate deals.


IBS REICO’s Self-Directed real IRA Program was hand-crafted to meet the needs of new and experienced real estate investors alike. Our IRA custodians will guide you through the IRA investment process, explain the paperwork required, and keep you abreast of the changing climate of IRS regulations and prohibited transactions.


If you are tired of paying 25%, 35%, or even 50% of your profits to a tax bill, this may be the solution for you.  Benefits of utilizing a self-directed IRA include:


1. Enhanced Diversification: With a self-directed IRA you can diversify beyond the market into real property. Breaking free of the limitation of only owing stocks or mutual funds that hold real estate investments? Great news, through your IRA investment you can now own the actual property in your retirement account.


2. Protect Hard-Earned Assets: Self-Directed IRAs are afforded protection under federal bankruptcy laws to ensure assets are secure. Additionally, certain self-directed IRAs allow the passing of assets to beneficiaries after death with little or no tax, allowing you to stretch wealth over generations.


3. Tax Advantages: Investing over time in a tax-advantage account like a self-directed IRA (tax-deferred/tax-free profits, plus the possibility of large tax deductions) can have a tremendous effect on future wealth.

Direct your Future in Five Simple Steps

Investing in real estate with an IRA is not much different than investing outside of an IRA. There are a few minor differences and a few rules to consider. Our IRA custodians will navigate you through the process of establishing your self-directed IRA account in a few simple steps:


Step 1 Become an approved investor. In order to view our investment opportunities we will need to learn general information about you and investment your objectives. IBS REICO is open to institutional, accredited and a restricted number of sophisticated investors.  Your cooperation allows us to comply with federally mandated "Know Your Customer" rules.


Step 2 Identify your IBS REICO investment. Once you have identified your preferred investment and are ready to make a purchase, complete the direction of investment form supplied by the administrator.


Step 3 Establish and fund your account. You will need a signed application, copy of your driver’s license, and method of payment. To fund your account, deposit new cash or move funds from an existing 401(k), IRA or other retirement savings plan to your new account managed by IBS REICO’s third party administrator.


Step 4 Request funds to purchase IRA investment. Once the administrator approves your direction of investment form, funds are sent from your IRA to purchase the investment per your instructions. For safekeeping our third party administrator retains important records such as deeds, notes, ppm’s and operating agreements.


Step 5 Maintain your IRA investment online. All payments and profits related to an investment in your self-directed IRA must be made from your IRA and returned to your account. In addition, all expenses related to your investment must be paid from your self-directed IRA. We work with our IRA custodian to ensure that you receive up to date statements pertaining to the performance of your investment. You may also access your account in real-time online.



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*IBS REICO does not provide tax or legal advice. We recommend that you seek professional advice regarding any legal or tax questions that you may have pertaining to your investment.


 ** IBS REICO works with approved, established institutional and accredited investors. This is not a solicitation for an investment and is for illustration purposes only.   

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