There's no time like the present to take a look at your financial picture. Are your investments balanced? As a valued client, you have around the clock access to our investment tools. Whether direct from the trading floor or from our analysis of global financial markets, we will regularly supply you with our advisors' top recommendations.

IBS REICO Investment Vehicles

IBS Fixed Income Fund


Looking for low risk moderate returns between 4%-6%? This fund is secured by the corporate guarantee of IBS, N.A. Global Holdings. Investment tenures range between 24- 60 months. Contact an IBS Relationship Manager to find out more.



IBS Partnership Ventures Fund


Looking for returns over 9% and seek to participate in the Investment? This fund allows you the opportunity to take charge of your capital with the assistance of our experienced Principals. Contact an IBS Relationship Manager to find out more.



IBS Debt Ventures Fund IV


Looking for moderate risk and return between 6%-9%? This fund is secured by  performing commercial real estate assets.  Contact an IBS Relationship Manager to find out more.



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