Investment Strategy

IBS REICO invests in opportunistic commercial real estate assets with an emphasis on multifamily, warehouse, retail and single family portfolios. Additionally, we acquire and resolve portfolios of performing and non-performing loans sourced from governmental agencies, financial institutions, and insurance companies. When selecting and managing investments, we key in on the following factors:


High Quality Properties

Distinctive properties tend to provide consistent performance through economic cycles and garner premiums in competitive times.


Opportunities for Adding Value

Repositioning and strategic capital improvements to enhance or reinforce the property's desirability to tenants within the market.


Gross Potential Rents

Active leasing of vacant and rollover space to credit tenants at market-leading leasing rates and terms.


Active Property Management

Operating improvements that reduce operating costs, increase energy efficiency, and improve sustainability.


Managing Risk

Transaction sourcing and structuring that leverage IBS REICO’s relationships to deploy efficient legal, tax, and advisory support.


Asset Re-Positioning

Redevelopment and select development when appropriate given market conditions.


Consideration of Exit

Continuous reassessment of the exit timing based on asset performance, economic and local market conditions.


Investment Cycle

When deploying investment capital discretion and reliability are a priority. At IBS Real Estate Investment Co., we are privately held and avoid the constraints of large public entities. We evaluate the impact of every investment decision based on both proprietary and industry standards. The structure and analysis of our investment cycle ensures that our decisions are based on qualitative and return-oriented criteria — evaluating the impact of every decision on your specific goals.



Phase 1: Investment Management

IBS REICO invests through a series of privately structured funds, separately managed accounts, and single purpose entities created for targeted opportunities. We manage each investment vehicle on behalf of our sophisticated and accredited investors, family offices and insurance companies. To further diversify our capital and enhance our risk-adjusted returns we also evaluate co-investment opportunities with other institutional investors. We have full discretion to make investment decisions on behalf of our funds with oversight by associated investment committees and 3rd party custodians.


Phase 2: Asset Sourcing

We leverage our long-standing industry relationships with local, regional, and national depository banks, private lenders and asset managers to access diversified asset classes that are not market listed. Our exceptional reputation in the marketplace consistently awards us with access to well-located assets in high barrier to entry market.


Phase 3: Asset Review

Prior to an acquisition, potential investments undergo an initial review process, which may include property visits, market and comparable property analyses, historical performance review and loan re-underwriting assessments. The review phase is used to develop a deep understanding of the real estate and/or loans, as well as all pertinent legal documentation.



Phase 4: Proprietary Due Diligence

Once we have determined that a potential investment meets our acquisitions criteria, we then subject it to rigorous core due diligence. Our broad experience in the real estate sector enables us to rapidly accomplish the necessary steps involved in core due diligence and thereby allows us to close quickly on the most complex transactions.


Core due diligence process generally includes:

Review of the property and/or asset data, including financial, local, legal, and market information;

Stress testing and scenario analyses appropriate for risk management;

Title searches and documentation;

Third-party valuations;

Property inspections, including detailed physical, environmental, and engineering reports as needed; and

Reviews of the local economy and demographics, neighborhood economics and trends, qualitative and quantitative analyses of market competition, area rates, vacancies and market position.


Phase 5: Investment Approval

An acquisition requires team review and approval,  which is conducted according to a formal investment committee process. A majority approval of the acquisition team is required in order to invest in any real estate or real estate-related asset.



Phase 6: Post Investment Management

Following acquisition, investments are subject to monthly surveillance and reports with an on-going comparison of results to objectives and updating of the portfolio correlation analysis and the market/comparables analysis. A continuous post-investment review process monitors risk and adherence to risk limits and guidelines. Value enhancements are considered and reviewed throughout ownership. Exit scenarios are also monitored. On-going review enables us to respond as needed to market and financial realities and opportunities to enhance and maximize returns.



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